Voice Sculptor Studio

My goal as a voice teacher is to help you sculpt your instrument such that you have a wide range of tonal colors and expressive choices at your disposal while maintaining good vocal health. We will shape your instrument into a form of your choosing. We will balance your voice production with how you breathe. We will train your throat into becoming a consistently shaped vessel through which you can reliably express your artistic voice.

My promises to you: I will be mindful of your goals and will work outside of our lessons together to keep your training regimen relevant to those goals. I will teach and listen to you with compassion. I will stay curious about where you are on your path as a singer and artist and will partner with you in your growth.

If you are interested in working with me, please e-mail me at: VoiceSculptorStudio@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Student Testimonials

Andria is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching style is thoughtful and rigorous and kind. She brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to each lesson. She is steeped in music history and able to provide real world examples and inspiration, whatever the concept. Andria is very good at charting a course according to the student's goals and then tailoring each lesson to help one reach those goals. She is naturally nurturing and generous, which comes through in every lesson. She celebrates growth while pushing for more. She is insightful and smart and able to explain concepts from many directions until completely understood. She is committed and caring and just the right mix of gentle and tough. I can't imagine a better teacher!